Web Analytics

Web Analytics IconWeb analytics and other data is absolutely essential for our work. You just can’t do good digital marketing without it.

But in a multi-channel, multi-device world no web analytics data will ever be 100% accurate. We specialise in Google Analytics which includes a tool called multi-channel funnels. The intention (as with Universal Analytics) is to show how and when different channels combine to bring a visitor back to your site up until the final visit where they purchase or convert.

Here’s a visual example of the type of data you can pull out of the tool:

Path to purchase icon

Among other problems though, for this data to be accurate your visitor would have to use the same browser on the same machine for each visit. You’ll know simply from your own browsing habits that most of us now use a number of different devices in different locations, at different times of day, and to do different jobs.

Unless your visitor is logging in or sharing other identifiable data at each visit, there’s no way of stitching these visits together to review a multi-device path to purchase. Which makes this kind of data seriously flawed.

But you said web analytics data is essential?

It really is, but it also has limitations. Tags get missed, cookies get deleted, data gets sampled. It’s not just GA though – the changes to the way Google serves images to GMail users for example means that a subscriber opening your email newsletter 5 times will only show once. There are many other examples.

Because of this we like to make sure of 3 things:

  • That there are no large or critical errors in your analytics set up that could lead to bad decision making
  • That any small errors are consistent, so time-based comparisons and trend data is valid
  • That wherever possible more than 1 data source is available to build a more complete picture

We can also provide or help you set up awesome digital performance reporting.