Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy IconWe get it. Your business is growing, and you know that there are great digital marketing opportunities out there that can accelerate your growth even more.

But which channels are the most effective? How can you sort the signal from the noise? How do you spot the opportunities with the best returns (then stack the chips in your favour)?

Intently Digital can help your business cut through the hype and build an effective digital growth strategy. We’ll work with you to build a solid digital plan that is:

  • clear and jargon-free
  • actionable and realistic
  • high impact and cost-effective

Can you answer these 6 questions?

Do you know who your target audience and customer groups are, and how they behave online? What search terms do they use to find products and services like yours? How do they evaluate and buy them? Which social spaces do they hang out in and what content do they consume?

Our digital strategy development process answers these questions and more, mapping out the digital battleground you compete in, and the network of influence in your market. We’ll also benchmark your performance against your real world and online competitors at each stage of the funnel.

We add this insight to our digital marketing experience gained helping big brands win in very competitive markets.

A simple and effective digital strategy

The objective is to create a tailored and integrated digital strategy that works with your available resources. To find out more explore our website, sign up to our free email newsletter or even better: give us a call to arrange a friendly, honest and frank appraisal of how we could help your business get more from digital.