Digital Marketing Channels

Digital Marketing Channels IconDigital marketing channels feed your site with visitors, sharers, commenters, subscribers and buyers. Delicious.

Successful sites don’t rely on one food source though, and your customers don’t diet on just one source of information either. As they plan and buy they visit a range of sites and services to read, share, ask questions, review…and more.

Integrating your digital marketing activity across a range of channels then (and in the places where your target customers can be found) makes very good sense.

Integrated digital marketing doesn’t have to be hard

Hopefully you’re already blogging regularly as part of your organic search strategy. And you know that it’s the good stuff the search engines reward, so your content is high quality and relevant to the needs of a clearly defined audience. And of course you use key term research to fine tune your content to reach the largest and most relevant pools of demand?

Great. So now let’s take it up a notch.

How about involving those respected (and well-followed) thought leaders you’re subscribed to? Engage them effectively and not only will your content improve, but their ego will force them to share the content to their large and relevant social networks.

We can do better though. Turn that post idea into a series of articles – perhaps each featuring different influencers in your market – wrapped up into a downloadable guide? Of course we can share this further still:

  • Slideshare summary?
  • Youtube intro video?
  • By email to your subscribers?
  • Remarketing via online display to the visitors that downloaded the last one?

We said it would be simple. But to do it well requires skill and experience which is what we bring, with a particular emphasis on organic and paid search marketing.